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The Miller Law Firm is investigating claims that certain pickleball paddles manufactured under the “JOOLA” tradename, were advertised, marketed, and sold as being approved by USA Pickleball, when in fact, they were not. The paddles at issue include all JOOLA “Gen3” paddles, which were released to the market in April 2024 and priced at approximately $279.95 per paddle.

USA Pickleball (“USAP”) is the national governing body for the sport of pickleball in the United States and has rigorous standards to ensure that equipment manufactured for the sport meet certain specifications and characteristics to support fair competition and provide consistent performance. Despite JOOLA’s representations that its Gen3 paddles were “USA Pickleball Approved,” these paddles are not listed on USAP’s Approved Paddle list, and thus, are not permitted to be used in sanctioned or non-sanctioned, amateur or professional USAP tournaments and events, or tournaments and events that follow USAP’s rules throughout the United States. Additionally, recreational pickleball play generally only permits USAP approved paddles for use, so in addition to being banned from all USAP sanctioned events and tournaments and tournaments and events that adopt USAP rules and guidelines, the paddles at issue are also banned from most recreational play too.

Despite the Gen3 paddles’ lack of USAP approval, JOOLA continues to sell these paddles with the imprint that they are “USA Pickleball Approved” when they are not, misleading consumers as to the true condition, permitted use, approvals, and value of the paddles.

If you believe that you have purchased a JOOLA Gen3 pickleball paddle that has been improperly designated as being “USA Pickleball Approved,” please contact the Miller Law Firm for more information. 

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