[The Miller Law Firm] are extremely able lawyers of high standing . . . . They are smart, energetic, and resourceful. They are a credit to the bar, and specifically to the plaintiffs' bar. I suspect that if more plaintiffs' lawyers were like them the public would have a far more positive view of lawyers than it has.

Richard D. Friedman Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School

Trial lawyer Powell Miller maintains an enviable track record of courtroom victories. He is also highly praised by his contemporaries, one of whom states: "He's a real force here and has been enormously successful. He's a very capable and forceful advocate for his clients. He's very respected."

Chambers & Partners Legal Research Company

[The Miller Law Firm] is very well positioned to take this 'to the mat' for us. The firm is a commercial litigation boutique with a reputation for aggressiveness and cost sensitivity . . . [We] are exceedingly pleased with services rendered to date. Given the entire fact pattern, there is not another outside counsel firm in our current stable that I would prefer to handle this claim.

The General Counsel a Fortune 100 company

Given its history of trial success, The Miller Law Firm has become known as one of Michigan’s leading business litigation firms. Miller himself has won 11 consecutive trials, and his firm has established a leading practice for automotive supply chain disputes, contract litigation, and shareholder rights cases.

U.S. News Best Lawyers 2013

[The Miller Law Firm] demonstrated a missionary-like zeal in representing your clients . . . You're a respected advocate willing to take on a good fight.

The Honorable Kaye Tertzag Wayne County Circuit Judge

From assembling a hard-working and relentless team to creating the winning arguments, you were the right lawyer for the job. You understand what it takes to win.

Legal Counsel Fortune 500 company

[The] Miller [Law Firm] ha[s] an exceptional record in the area of class litigation and have significant resources which they can call upon in the representation of the class members.

Hon. John C. Foster Judge

Powell Miller has a tremendous ability to develop an effective strategy for each situation. He takes into account all variables and provides guidance that not only makes sense legally, but factors in the overarching commercial aspect to deliver a practical solution. He also works very well with the client and listens to his or her needs

Michael Winiger Johnson Controls, Inc.

[if the work done by The Miller Law Firm] does not restore public confidence in the class action system, then nothing will.

Hon. Mark I. Bernstein Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

We are very happy with the outcomes and have enjoyed working with [you].

The Executive Vice President Capital Area United Way