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Disputes can arise in any type of business structure.

Without proper resolution, a dispute can be detrimental to the success of an enterprise, from Fortune 500 companies with millions of dollars at stake to small family LLCs.

At The Miller Law Firm, our Kalamazoo business lawyers are experienced in advising business owners, business executives, and in-house counsel on how to resolve a business dispute.

We understand the intricacies of business law and how it applies across many industries. Based on the type of dispute, we can guide you through the resolution method that best fits the needs of your business, whether that be negotiations, mediation, or litigation.

Types of Business Disputes

Disputes occur both internally, between business owners and employees, and externally, between the business and outside third parties.

Our Kalamazoo business lawyers handle a variety of cases in the following practice areas:

  • Commercial litigation,
  • Automotive litigation,
  • Shareholder rights and oppression,
  • Plaintiff and defense class action, and 
  • Securities fraud. 

Our practice focuses on complex dispute resolution and litigation for individuals, investors, and companies. A Kalamazoo business lawyer from The Miller Law Firm can represent you at any stage of dispute resolution, including trial, mediation, arbitration, and appeal.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation involves almost any type of dispute that arises in a business context. 

Employment litigation

Employment litigation involves a lawsuit filed by an employee against an employer for an issue that arose out of work-related activities or conduct.

These types of disputes are complex and require the knowledge of an attorney who knows business and industry-specific laws. From claims of discrimination to enforcing non-compete agreements, the attorneys at The Miller Law Firm have the extensive experience you need. We have represented both employees and employers in all stages of dispute resolution. 

Breach of contract

When a party to a contract does not fulfill their agreed upon obligations, this is a breach of contract. Depending on the severity of the breach and the type of contract, the dispute may be resolved through informal means, such as negotiations or mediation.

Ultimately, we believe that the breaching party must be held accountable, and we can provide you with legal representation to ensure that happens.

Breach of fiduciary duty

A fiduciary duty is a legal obligation to act in the best interest of another party. For example, corporate executives have a fiduciary duty to the shareholders, and employees have a fiduciary duty to their employer.

Fiduciaries cannot involve themselves in conflicts of interest and self-dealing. A breach of fiduciary duty occurs when the fiduciary fails to uphold their obligation.

As a result, the business can suffer. At The Miller Law Firm, we can help you enforce the obligations that a fiduciary has neglected.

Automotive Litigation

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, companies face new and old challenges. Our team of lawyers understands the issues at hand for the automotive industry, such as volume fluctuations, production interruptions, and other supply chain disputes. 

Over the past two decades, we have represented some of the largest Tier 1 suppliers in the world along with small family-owned companies. We have helped our clients resolve hundreds of issues, including warranty claims, supply agreement conflicts, pricing demands, tooling recovery, and charge-back disputes. The Miller Law Firm has also represented consumers in class-action lawsuits against companies in the automotive industry. 

Shareholder Rights and Oppression

Shareholders have many rights that are integral to the corporate governance system. The most important shareholder rights are the right to vote and the right to receive dividends. When corporate executives take action that inhibits these rights, shareholders must protect themselves. 

Shareholders have the option to file a class-action lawsuit or a shareholder derivative lawsuit against the company on behalf of all shareholders. The Kalamazoo business lawyers at The Miller Law Firm know how to aggressively defend your rights as a shareholder. We have helped recover over $2 billion in shareholder dispute cases involving proxy fights, oppression of minority shareholders, corporate takeovers, and many other matters.

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