$54,000,000 The Miller Law Firm’s Efforts As Co-Lead Counsel Secures $54 Million Settlement In West Michigan PFAS Lawsuit
$42,000,000 Antitrust Settlement
$300,000,000 Securities Fraud Settlement
$955,000,000 Antitrust Settlements
Jury Verdict No-Cause Jury Verdict in Partnership Trial
$16,500,000 Arbitration Award – Breach of Contract/Wrongful Termination Claim
$2,000,000 Settlement – Overdraft Fee Class Action
$11,000,000 Breach Of Fiduciary Duty Results In $11 Million Settlement With Comerica
$388,240,516 Settlement – Environmental Class Action
$2,975,000 Settlement – Fraud Class Action
$2,010,982 Settlement – Breach of Contract Claim
$2,000,000 Arbitration Award for Violation of Non-Solicitation and Exclusive Sales Territory Agreement
$200,000,000 Management-Led Buyout Results In $200 Million Settlement
$12,260,000 Securities Class Action Settles For $12.26 Million
$12,000,000 Settlement – Automotive Shareholder Class Action
$20,000,000 Settlement – Securities Fraud Class Action
$550,000 Settlement in Breach of Contract case
3,700,000 Settlement in Consumer Class Action for plaintiffs against T-Mobile for excess service charges
$312,000 Settlement in Breach of Contract, Tortious Interference with Contractual Relationships and Business Expectations, Civil Conspiracy and Conversion case
$1,000,000 Settlement in Shareholder Oppression, Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duties case
$750,000 Sanctions awarded
$14,400,000 Breach of Incentive Compensation Plan – $14.4 million settlement
$9,700,000 Consumer Insurance Class Action Settles For $9.7 Million
$15,000,000 Securities Fraud Class Action – $15 million settlement
$10,800,000 Misleading Financial Statements Lead to $10.8 Million Settlement
$2,600,000 Consumer Class Action Settles For $2.6 Million
$1,500,000 Settlement in Securities Fraud Class Action for Loss of Investment Value
$3,100,000 Contract Class Action Settles For $3.1 Million
$40,000,000 Cellular Overcharge Results In $40 Million Settlement
$2,400,000 RICO, Breach of Contract & Fraud Case Settles for $2.4M
2,700,000 Wrongful Discharge & Shareholder Oppression Case Settles For 2.7M
$925,000 Breach of Insurance Contract Settles For $925,000
$377,000 Professional Negligence Case Settles for $377,000
$1,400,000 Breach of Contract Case Case Settles for $1.4 million