Published on May 7, 1998

$377,000 settlement in Professional Negligence case


Injuries alleged: Rape and assault

Name of case: Doe v. Patel

Court/case no.: Monroe County Circuit Court, #94-2915 NO

Name of judge: Michael W. Labeau

Damages awarded: $377,627.93 (judgment); $33,075.04 (interest)

Date: May 7, 1998

Attorneys for the plaintiff: E. Powell Miller and Gerard Mantese

Attorney for the defendant: Withheld

Name/city of most helpful experts: Gerald A. Shiener, M.D.

Other useful information: The plaintiff contended that the defendant committed professional negligence by failing to order long-term hospitalization of an increasingly violent mental patient who had already assaulted two other children. The defendant’s patient then attacked the plaintiff.