Published on Mar 18, 2024

Miller Law is proud to have taken a key role in 7 of the 8 largest class action and mass tort settlements in Michigan in 2023 as reported in Michigan Lawyers Weekly. These cases recovered more than $700 million for clients and consumers nationwide and include:

  • Representing Wayne, Oakland, Monroe, and Cheboygan counties in the nationwide opioid litigation, one of the largest cases in the history of the United States. Miller Law filed the first case in Michigan and won a key bellwether motion to dismiss. 
  • Serving as Co-lead counsel for a class of property owners in Western Michigan whose water was secretly contaminated with the dangerous chemical PFAS.
  • Serving as Co-lead counsel for a nationwide class of consumers who unknowingly purchased vehicles with a  defect the media coined as the “Death Wobble;”
  • Serving as Co-lead counsel in numerous cases alleging violations of individuals’ privacy rights and the unlawful dissemination of their data.

Miller Law is the first firm in Michigan to establish a national reputation for prosecuting class actions, which it has been doing since its founding in 1994 when they were rarely filed in Michigan courts. Miller Law is Michigan’s go-to firm for taking on some of the largest and most complex cases in the United States.