Published on Dec 7, 2018

Plaintiff, Plastech Holding Corporation (“PHC”), alleged that that Defendants executed an agreement which gave Plaintiff the exclusive right to distribute JAC Motors’ passenger vehicles in the United States. Plaintiff asserted claims for tortious interference, civil conspiracy, and unjust enrichment based on Defendant, GreenTech Automotive Corp., allegedly entering into a distribution agreement with JAC Motors despite knowing that PHC has an exclusive relationship with JAC Motors.

After nearly two years of litigation and depositions of key executives in the case, Defendants claimed they had discovered that the signed agreement, which Plaintiff relied on was fabricated.

After hearing motions on the matter, the Court issued an Opinion and Order granting Defendants’ motions for sanctions and dismissing plaintiff’s claims with prejudice.

Miller Law Firm attorneys Larry Murphy and David Viar represented Defendant JAC Motors in this matter

A full copy of the Opinion and Order can be found using the link below.