Published on Jul 15, 2016

FAQs regarding class action against GM for misstating the MPG on the 2016 Chevy Traverse, GMC Acadia, and Buick Enclave

Despite General Motors’ aggressive email campaigns, there is still time to consider GM’s “reimbursement” offer and make an informed decision. According to its website, GM’s offer remains open until August 1st. We believe that GM will continue to send “friendly reminder” emails in an attempt to pressure individuals to accept the reimbursement offer and not participate in the class action lawsuit. We are also aware that attempts to reach Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC via the Customer Relations Center 800-numbers (included in the emails) have resulted in very long hold times. This makes gathering information from GM very difficult and we understand your frustration.

We have raised several motions before the court and continue to believe in the merits of our lawsuit.  As a result, we are still pursuing the lawsuit vigorously and hope to achieve a result for our clients and all class members (i.e., those who do not accept the reimbursement offer) that is greater than that offered through the GM’s reimbursement offer. In addition to additional compensation for future fuel costs, we are also pursing reimbursement for the loss of market value these vehicles may experience as a result of the misstated MPG and, if applicable, any damages for fraud. We cannot guarantee any specific outcome of the lawsuit but we will continue to vigorously pursue it on behalf of all who do not accept GM’s reimbursement offer.

We remain available to take your calls and emails, and will update our website with additional information as the litigation unfolds.


Q: What is the goal of the lawsuit?

A: The Miller Law Firm, PC, is seeking to recover all available damages under the law at this time, including the loss in value of the vehicle and any damages if evidence of fraud is uncovered. We are still in the early stages of the case and the damages available will not be ascertained with any specificity until after we have the opportunity to engage in discovery and review GM’s internal documents and files.

Q: Should I accept the debit car offer from GM?

A: The Miller Law Firm, PC is recommending that you do not accept the debit cards that GM has offered owners and lessees of these vehicles, as the debit cards only compensate you for the difference in gas mileage over a certain number of years and do not include compensation for loss in value or any fraud related damages. The decision, however, is ultimately yours to make.

Q: How long with the lawsuit take?

A: Litigation in cases of this nature will generally last anywhere from a minimum of several months up to several years. The time it takes to resolve a class action case is largely dictated by the defendant, who can delay cases in an attempt to discourage plaintiffs from holding them accountable.

Q: Do I have to maintain possession of the vehicle?

A: Our goal in this lawsuit is to obtain coverage for all current or former owners and lessees of these vehicles, so no, you would not need to maintain possession of the vehicle for the duration of the lawsuit.