Published on Jul 3, 2017

Congratulations to Powell Miller, Founder and CEO of The Miller Law Firm, for being selected as the recipient of the Federal Bar Association’s 2017 Cook-Friedman Civility Award. Powell received the award at the Federal Bar Association’s Annual Dinner on June 22, 2017. In addition to the partners and several associates from The Miller Law Firm, Powell’s father, attorney Bruce Miller, and his wife, Karol Miller, were on hand to witness the honor.

“This is an extraordinary recognition,” Powell told the crowd in his acceptance speech, “and I’m humbled to have been selected.” Powell made a point of crediting his early mentors for important lessons in civility, and he assured all of the attorneys and judges at the FBA’s Annual Dinner that he intends to keep practicing (in a civil fashion) for many years to come.

The prestigious Cooke-Friedman Civility Award was established in 2008 to recognize a civil practitioner who is an outstanding example of professional excellence and civility. This award is named for former Chief Judge Julian Abele Cook, Jr., who, in 1998, constituted the first Civility Committee in the Eastern District of Michigan and fostered the implementation of the Court’s Civility Principles, and former Chief Judge Bernard A. Friedman who formed the Court’s second Civility Committee in 2007, and fostered the implementation of the Eastern District’s “Lawyer’s Commitment of Professional Civility.”

Powell is in excellent company. The following is a list of the prior winners of the Cook-Friedman Civility Award:

2008 Edward M. Kronk
2009 Lawrence G. Campbell
2010 Carl H. von Ende
2011 William A. Woodard
2012 William Sankbeil
2013 Kathryn J. Humphrey
2014 Eugene Driker
2015 Saul A. Green
2016 John Runyan

Click below to watch a video of this years event, including Powell’s acceptance speech.