Published on Mar 24, 2020

Navigating Governmental Policies In Turbulent Times

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 40 states, including Michigan, along with individual cities and counties across the region and the country, have enacted legislation, Executive Orders and other regulations that significantly impact your business and employees.


The Miller Law Firm has assembled a Team with deep, hands-on experience in public law, having already advised companies in the United States and Canada in this evolving field.

We can help your business understand:

  • How these regulations affect your company and your employees
  • What relief is available (this may depend on the size your workforce and your industry), and how to go about accessing it
  • What businesses are excepted, such as those providing “critical infrastructure work”
  • Whether your business and employees qualify for a business exception
  • How certain businesses and workers who “support or facilitate” critical infrastructure are authorized to work together
  • If you are a qualifying business, what are the notification procedures that have to be followed
  • Understanding the penalties for non-compliance
  • How regulations in other states may create business opportunities for Michigan businesses to support similar critical infrastructure  (New York’s Empire State Development Corporation will pay a “premium” to companies that can quickly supply or retrofit to supply certain products like face masks and PPE’s hospital gowns)

Our Team is led by Melvin Butch Hollowell who has over 30 years of public law experience in the private sector, advising Fortune 100 and publicly traded companies to small businesses alike; and serving in senior public sector roles including with the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services, Chief Counsel for the City of Detroit, and Assistant Wayne County Executive.

Hollowell has recently been appointed to serve in the Mayor of Detroit’s Business Leaders Kitchen Cabinet for consultation on COVID-19. More information from the City of Detroit can be found here.

Other Team members include, Marc NewmanChristopher KayeMartha Olijnyk, David Viar, and Angela Baldwin.

Experience. Practical advice. And pick-up-the-phone relationships with key regulators.

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