About David W. Goodrich

As a Law Clerk and Resident Attorney licensed in the State of Ohio, Mr. Goodrich is responsible for coordinating all of the firm’s litigation needs as well as providing oversight within the Complex Litigation Department. He also oversees all of the firm’s business development efforts including media relations and content, communications, advertising, sponsorships and events.

Mr. Goodrich has extensive first-hand trial experience in state, federal and commercial arbitration forums and has worked directly with some of the country’s leading attorneys on several high-profile and complex matters. In 2014, he served as chief analyst, assisting the trial team for The City of Farmington Hills Employees Retirement System v. Wells Fargo Bank in the United States District Court, District of Minnesota. The case settled the weekend before the trial for $62.5 million.

In 2015, Mr. Goodrich supported the trial team that won a $16.5 million arbitration award, which is the largest award in an employment case in Michigan history. That same year, Mr. Goodrich worked as a senior analyst on the Cason-Merenda v. VHS Michigan, Inc. trial team, which represented registered nurses at hospitals in Detroit. In 2016, Mr. Goodrich was the lead analyst, assisting members of the trial team for two jury trials in federal court, both of which returned favorable verdicts.

As a member of the litigation team, Mr. Goodrich actively supports in all aspects of trial preparation, including the design and development of opening and closing statements, witness preparation, research and strategic operations. Recently, Mr. Goodrich has also worked on the redesign of the firm’s website and branding efforts.

Litigation Experience (Abridged):

JVIS-USA v. Nartron, et al.
(Macomb County Circuit Court)
(Case No. 13-2742-CB)
Result: Pending

Plastech Holding Corp. v. WM Greentech Automotive Corp., & JAC Motors
(United States District Court, Easter District of Michigan
(Case No. 14-cv-14049)
Result: Favorable

Blumberg v. DocNetwork LLC, et al.
(United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan)
(Case No. 2:13-cv-15042)
Result: Judgement of no cause

Innovation Ventures, LLC f/d/b/a Living Essentials v. Custom Nutrition Laboratories, LLC et al.
(United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan)
(Case No. 12-cv-13850)
Result: 100% Liability

Pat Cason-Merenda and Jeffrey A. Suhre v. VHS of Michigan, Inc., dba Detroit Medical Center
(United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan)
(Case No. 2:06-cv-15601)
Result: $42 million settlement

Peter Karmanos Jr. v. Compuware Corporation
(Wayne County Circuit Court)
(Case No. 2013-014776-CK)
Result: $16.5 million verdict

City of Farmington Hills Employees Retirement System v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
(United States District Court, District of Minnesota)
(Case No. 10-cv-04372)
Result: $62.5 million settlement


Mr. Goodrich was named as an Unsung Legal Hero by Michigan Lawyers Weekly in 2017, which honors law firm employees who have constantly gone above and beyond the call of duty, often behind the scenes. This award is reserved for the state’s most talented and dedicated legal support professionals.