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No matter what stage your business is in, from start-up to end sale, the experienced team at The Miller Law Firm can help you navigate the business law world, so you can focus on serving your clients and doing what you do best.

Whether you are in a business dispute, facing corporate litigation, or exploring opportunities to grow your business, you need a Lansing business lawyer who is dedicated to securing the success of your business through legal representation.

Dedicated Representation

We recognize the complexities of business law and are well-versed in navigating difficult business disputes. Our team understands that your business is your livelihood and any legal business dispute that affects your capabilities should be taken seriously. The team at Miller Law strives to provide dedicated representation for individuals, investors, and companies of all sizes. 

Every business is unique, and so is your legal concern. Our team is committed to taking the time to achieve an in-depth understanding of your interests so that we can best serve them whether it is through litigation, negotiation, or alternative dispute resolution.

Experience Matters

With decades of experience, our firm has successfully litigated cases from the most basic disputes to the most complex and ranging from the low six figures to hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Miller Law Firm is Lansing’s leader in business lawsuits and class action litigation. 

We thrive on helping new businesses address legal concerns before they become issues. We also help established businesses maintain longevity and profitability. Our legal support includes assistance with:

  • Contracts, 
  • Business plans, 
  • Franchising, 
  • Investor rights, 
  • Warranty disputes, and
  • Real estate litigation.

An experienced Lansing business lawyer from Miller law can help you with these and any other legal issues that affect your business.

Ownership Disputes and Breach of Fiduciary Duty 

Ownership disputes present complex challenges that can have a long-lasting effect on operations and revenue. Lack of clarity in your business agreement is often what causes avoidable ownership disputes.

Our Lansing business lawyers work diligently to review evidence, resolve conflict, and get your business back to normal with the least amount of impact on your bottom line.

Officers and directors of a corporation owe an inherent duty of loyalty to act in the best interest of a corporation and its shareholders. This duty should supersede their own personal or other business interests. Breaching this fiduciary duty can harm the company and lead to legal battles. Our Lansing business attorneys are well-equipped to perform a thorough investigation and prepare your case. 

Shareholder Rights

Our team of Lansing business lawyers has successfully represented clients in numerous shareholder rights cases.

Investment in a company entitles shareholders to specific rights, even if they have a minority share. Some of these rights are inherent, and others are described in your shareholder agreement. There are a lot of ways that shareholders’ rights can be violated and interests compromised. We can help you address problems like:

  • Misappropriation of corporate assets, 
  • Breach of agreements, 
  • Lack of transparency, and
  • Withheld financial documentation. 

It is not uncommon for a group of shareholders to align with the intent to use their collective power to control a business. When this happens, minority shareholders suffer.

The team at The Miller Law Firm takes shareholder oppression very seriously. We have the ability to fight for your rights from shareholder agreement formation to removal of officers and directors. 

Business Dispute Resolution

Facing a partnership dispute, shareholder opposition, breach of contract, partnership dissolution, operating agreement contention, or any other significant business concern involving unresolved disagreements can be excruciatingly difficult. A Lansing business lawyer who is experienced in business dispute resolution can help make the resolution process much more efficient than trying to resolve the conflict on your own.  

Our team of accomplished trial lawyers regularly argues cases in front of state and federal courts, confidently seeking relief and resolutions for our clients. We are not afraid to take your business lawsuit to trial and take pride in our thorough litigation preparation process. 

Not all business disputes need to be resolved using costly litigation. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as arbitration and mediation, can be a viable option to reach an agreement on your business dispute. The experienced Lansing business lawyers at The Miller Law Firm understand what it takes to get you a fair settlement using ADR by building a solid case for your business. 

Commercial Transactions and Contracts

For your business to succeed, all your commercial transactions should be fulfilled as anticipated. Depending on your industry and the scope of your business, a bad business deal could make or break your company.

If you are engaged in a dispute over products or services, vendor agreements, or trade rights, you may want to consider legal assistance to avoid bigger, more complex issues. We are qualified to help in all aspects of commercial litigation and negotiation, including: finances, corporate contracts, merchant relations, expert investigations, and more to keep your business operating as intended. 

The language of commercial contracts can make or break a business relationship. If your business suffers because another party breached the terms of an agreement, it is important to secure the help of an experienced Lansing business lawyer. Whether you seek to have the contract upheld or want to receive compensation for damages caused by the breach, our team will zealously represent your best interests in your commercial transaction case.

Business Services and Incorporation

Starting a new business, drafting contracts, planning growth, creating employment agreements, and understanding the legal landscape of being a business owner can be difficult and confusing at best. Miller Law provides comprehensive legal business services and guidance to help you succeed in all stages of your business from the initial idea to the sale of your company. We can also assist in drafting ownership and vendor agreements, negotiating acquisitions and mergers, and developing succession plans for small or family-owned businesses. 

The Miller Law Firm can help you navigate your transition from sole proprietorship or partnership to a corporation, limited liability corporation, or limited partnership, depending on your type of business and growth projections.

If you are planning to incorporate, we can help you take into consideration the nature of your business and your growth ambitions to determine the most efficient path to meaningful corporate growth. There are a lot of details that go into incorporation, including registering with the required agencies, preparing documentation and filings, and developing corporate bylaws and shareholder agreements, as well as ongoing maintenance of corporate formalities. 

About The Miller Law Firm—Lansing Business Lawyers

The Lansing business lawyers at Miller Law handle business litigation and negotiations across the entire United States for clients large and small, from all different industries. We began as a three-person law firm in 1996, and in just over 20 years, we have expanded into a 26-lawyer, nationally recognized litigation firm that still treats each and every client with individualized attention. Business law can be complex and confusing. We work diligently to provide answers, direction, and relief for your legal business concerns.