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Business disputes can strain the operations of an enterprise and threaten its vitality.

Without proper resolution, a simple disagreement can evolve into a lengthy and costly matter.  

The Miller Law Firm has decades of experience representing individuals and businesses involved in both simple and complex business disputes. From shareholder rights to breach of employment contracts to supplier misappropriation of trade secrets, we have handled hundreds of cases with great success.

We provide assistance in resolving your dispute without litigation through alternative dispute resolution. However, in the event this is not suitable, we are prepared to zealously represent you in court. We understand how quickly a simple dispute can evolve into a complicated matter that requires litigation.

You can rely on us to find the right solution by contacting our group of dedicated and experienced business dispute lawyers in Flint, MI. 

Types of Business Disputes 

Business disputes can arise internally between directors, partners, employees, or shareholders, or externally between a supplier or any other outside party. Every business dispute has the potential to grow into a complicated legal matter. 

The attorneys at The Miller Law Firm have represented individuals and businesses of all sizes involved in commercial litigation cases filed in both state and federal courts across the U.S.

Our seasoned business dispute attorneys have successfully litigated cases from simple disagreements between business partners to complex issues for Fortune 500 companies. 

We provide aggressive and efficient representation for individuals and businesses whose rights and financial interests are being threatened. 

Breach of Contract

Whether it be an employment contract or purchase agreement, it is detrimental to your business when a party does not follow through with their contractual obligations.

This can be a drain on your company’s resources and time. To protect your contractual rights, you need an experienced Flint contract lawyer to enforce the breaching party’s contractual obligations. 

In Michigan, the statute of limitations to file a claim varies based on the type of contract. Typically you have six years to file, but it is crucial that you consult a Flint contract lawyer to determine exactly how long you have to preserve your breach of contract claim.

Partnership Disputes

Partnership disputes range from ownership rights to lost business opportunities to outright theft. Even when partnership agreements include dispute resolution provisions, the partners may still not be able to resolve the issue.

A Flint business lawyer can help mediate or litigate to enforce the partner’s obligations to each other. 

Shareholder Disputes

When company executives violate corporate policies and engage in misconduct, shareholders bear the loss. We believe that shareholders deserve corporate accountability. The Flint business lawyers at The Miller Law Firm have helped recover over $2 billion in shareholder dispute cases.

Shareholder oppression

Shareholder oppression occurs when a controlling shareholder or group of shareholders makes business decisions for their own advantage while oppressing the minority shareholders. This applies to LLC members as well.

While the minority shareholders can raise their issues, if they are ignored it is time to seek the help of a knowledgeable business dispute attorney. 

Shareholder rights

Shareholders have many rights, such as the right to vote, to receive dividends, and to inspect corporate books and records. When the shareholders cannot exercise these rights, they may file a lawsuit against the corporate officers or directors seeking enforcement.

Breach of contract

Shareholders rights and responsibilities are agreed upon in a shareholder agreement, which is a legal contract. If a shareholder or corporate actor breaches the shareholder agreement, the shareholder can bring a claim for breach of contract.

If there is no shareholder agreement or your agreement does not include provisions that would resolve the dispute at hand, then business law governs. To interpret the effect of the law on your dispute, you should consult a Flint, MI contract lawyer.

Corporate transactions

If a corporation is set to be acquired, merged, or involved in a similar type of transaction that would disproportionately affect shareholders, the shareholders may bring a lawsuit against the corporation through a class-action lawsuit to protect themselves. 

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