Hiring the right Ann Arbor business lawyer is an important decision. It is generally not a matter of if you will need an attorney, but when. Business law is a unique specialization with many moving parts.

Ann Arbor Business Lawyers

Our team of accomplished trial lawyers regularly argues cases in front of state and federal courts, confidently seeking relief and resolutions for our clients. We understand the complexities of business law and are well-versed in navigating difficult business disputes.

The team at The Miller Law Firm strives to provide dedicated representation for individuals, investors, and companies of all sizes.

Types of Business Issues We Handle

The dedicated Ann Arbor business lawyers at The Miller Law Firm thrive on helping new businesses address legal concerns before they escalate and helping established businesses grow and succeed.

Our legal support services include assistance in contracts, business plans, franchising, and other directional business services that are best addressed by an experienced Ann Arbor business lawyer. 

We understand that every business is unique, and so are your legal concerns. Our team is committed to taking the time to understand your interests so that we can best serve them whether it is through litigation, negotiation, or alternative dispute resolution.

Ownership Disputes

Lack of clarity in your business agreement is often the cause of ownership disputes. A well-drafted ownership agreement can help reduce these types of issues. If a dispute occurs, you will likely require legal representation from an experienced Ann Arbor business lawyer.

Business Dispute Resolution

Any business transaction or relationship has the potential to fall into a legal dispute. When this happens, the business can suffer, either from potential financial losses in litigation or disruption to regular business operations.

Some significant concerns may include partnership conflicts, shareholder rights, breach of contract, and fraud. An Ann Arbor business lawyer who has experience in business dispute resolution can help make the process much clearer and less draining than trying to resolve the conflict on your own.

Shareholder Oppression

When a group of shareholders aligns their collective power to control a business, other shareholders suffer. We fight against shareholder oppression through regulatory knowledge, investigative insight, and years of experience. The team at The Miller Law Firm takes shareholder oppression very seriously. 

Commercial Transactions

Any legal dispute over products or services, vendor agreements, or trade rights, could have big impacts on the finances and operation of your business.

Our business law professionals are qualified to help in all aspects of commercial transaction litigation and negotiation. Some of these areas include finances, corporate contracts, merchant relations, and expert investigations. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Though our Ann Arbor business lawyers will confidently state your case in any federal or state court, not all business disputes need to be resolved using costly or lengthy litigation. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can be a viable option to reach an agreement on your business dispute. Some forms of ADR include arbitration, mediation, and facilitation. We understand what it takes to get you a fair settlement using ADR.

Shareholder Rights

Shareholders play an important role in the success of a business. From finances to operations, shareholders invested in the company generally have some degree of control in the business along with access to records and information. Disagreements can lead to complicated legal disputes.

Shareholder rights are governed by the business’s shareholder agreement, which can sometimes be ambiguous. Our team of Ann Arbor business lawyers has successfully represented clients in numerous shareholder rights cases.

Shareholder Disputes 

Our Ann Arbor business lawyers represent individuals and various business entities, including limited liability companies and corporations in disputes involving:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty;
  • State law minority shareholder oppression;
  • Statutory rights of record inspections;
  • Breach of operating and shareholder agreements;
  • Corporate governance issues;
  • Misappropriation of corporate assets;
  • Removal of officers and/or directors; and
  • Business and asset valuation.

Shareholder disputes can become complicated quickly, so it’s important to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side.

Legal Business Services

Whether you are forming a new venture, expanding, or addressing business regulations, our Ann Arbor business attorneys have the experience to help you meet your goals on all legal business matters. We can

  • Assist in business formation;
  • Negotiate acquisitions and mergers;
  • Facilitate buy-sell agreements;
  • Ensure proper business licensing;
  • Create ownership agreements;
  • Draft employee contracts,
  • Review vendor agreements; and
  • Develop succession plans for small or family-owned businesses.

Much like the marketplace itself, business laws are always evolving. The Miller Law Firm can assist in confronting a wide range of challenges.

We thrive on providing comprehensive legal business services and guidance to help you succeed and make navigating the legal system less intimidating.

Fiduciary Duty Breach

If an officer or director of your business entity acts in a way that contradicts their duty to act in the best interest of a corporation and its shareholders, there can be serious legal implications. Not only have they broken your trust, they have potentially acted in a way that jeopardizes your business.

We can help you:

  • Evaluate whether the director in question acted as a disinterested party;
  • Determine if material facts were disclosed or misleading;
  • Discover if a compliance system was in place;
  • Gather evidence of gross negligence; and
  • Prepare litigation. 

Our Ann Arbor business lawyers will conduct a thorough investigation of the breach of duty and prepare your legal case. 

Business Incorporation 

Turning your general partnership into a company that is formally recognized by your state of incorporation can be complicated. The team at Miller Law understands the intricacies of incorporation, including:

  • Selecting the most advantageous and proper corporate structure;
  • Registering with required agencies;
  • Cross-checking trademark and name availability;
  • Developing corporate bylaws;
  • Drafting shareholder or stock agreements; and
  • Maintaining corporate formalities.

Every business has its own nature and scope to consider when determining the most efficient path to meaningful corporate growth. The Miller Law Firm can help you make decisions and complete the incorporation process according to your type of business and growth projections. 

About Miller Law Firm—Ann Arbor Business Lawyers

The Miller Law Firm handles business litigation and negotiations across the United States. We began in 1996 and are a nationally recognized litigation boutique that still treats each and every client with individualized attention. We respect the time and trust of our clients as we work diligently to provide answers, direction, and relief for their legal business concerns.  

We strive to provide high-quality, cost-effective, personalized legal services. Through our in-house e-Discovery and document management services, we are able to reduce costs associated with litigation, increase productivity, and adapt to our clients’ specific needs. Call us or contact us online today to learn more about how we can help your business.